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Content Creator
Starts at $850/month
Blogs that Connect – Two articles per week is the optimum for keeping your brand fresh for your ideal customer and getting your page noticed by search engines. Use a 1-2 minutes video as your second post and supercharge your appeal.
Newsletters that Convert – Sending two newsletters a month is a great way to get your message directly in your ideal client’s email.
Plan, Execute, Measure
Starts at $1250/month
Content Creator Package plus,
Plan – Content research and 30 days of social media content
Execute – We’ll find out when your audience is online and schedule your content for you.
Measure – What do your followers like or dislike? Are you building the relationships you want? We provide data-driven answers.
Starts at $550
Let Your Voice be Heard – Two video blogs/month where you provide the topic and unedited footage, and we provide content guidance and editing.
Uploaded directly to WordPress, Facebook or YouTube per your needs
Getting Started!
Starts at $750
Social Media Strategy – Going to the grocery store without a plan never ends well. Approaching your social media without a plan is just as disastrous. Put a plan in place before you start, and you’ll see how quickly you’ll build quality relationships that convert!
Includes channel set up with custom cover photo.
Analysis Only
Starts at $100 per monthly report
Do you enjoy running your Facebook page, but hate sorting through Insights? We’ll provide a monthly report that lays out the vital information in a clean, easy-to-read style.
Copywriting and Editing
Copywriting starts at $0.25 per word–Editing at $0.20.
Copy that connects with and informs your ideal customer is an essential element of your communication strategy. Hire a professional, and maximize your marketing opportunities.

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