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Erasing Your Fear of Selling


You started your business because you were passionate about your field, and you knew you could add value to the conversation. All was well until you realized that, in addition to pursuing your dream, you were going to have to sell it as well! For those who are already comfortable with selling, the transition is easy. But for those who spent their lives avoiding any kind of sales position, the fear of selling can be deep-seated. Luckily, even for those who don’t take to selling naturally, sales can be learned with a little practice. The first step, though, is erasing your fear of selling!

Remember Your Enthusiasm

The fear of selling often stems from lack of confidence. You believe in your products and services, but may be fearful they don’t stack up to the competition. If this describes your situation, take a moment to reconnect with why you started your business in the first place. You trusted what you had to offer was worth putting in the effort to start your business. Take stock of what you love about your product, how your customers have been helped and where your greatest successes have been. But beware, channeling that enthusiasm when selling is contagious!

Identify What You’re Afraid Of

What is your fear around selling? Is it a fear of failure? Of making a bad first impression? Rejection? Overpromising? With any fear, identifying specifically what you’re afraid of often opens the door for a solution. In terms of selling, you can make a better first impression through more confidant body language or updating the way you dress. Learn to deal with rejection by practicing with a coach. There are many great webinars, courses and books that can help you become more comfortable sharing how you can help your clients.

Shift Your Mindset

Although a stereotype of sales includes the pushy car salesperson, this is no longer the norm. Pop culture perpetuates this image, but in reality sales has evolved past that. Those types do still exist, but they are the exception to the rule! The majority of salespeople see their job as connecting a person with a product or service they need. Rather than forcing something on a beleaguered customer, you’re providing the perfect solution to their difficult problem. When you truly believe in your product and its benefit to your customers, changing your approach will come naturally.

Shedding your fear of selling will take practice and might not be easy, but is well worth the time and effort to help your business succeed!

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